Bones Miniatures


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Alandin, Aletheia, Ankoa, Barbarian Hero, Annoying Rocky, Ape Lord, Armored Goblin Leaders, Armored Goblin Warriors, Aravir, Elf Ranger, Autumn Bronzeleaf, Belthual, Blink, Berenwicket, Gnome, Bone Garden Creatures, Bryn, Cave Troll, Chrono: The Black Mist, C’thulhu Shrine, Devils, Dire Bear, Dire Boar, Dire Crab, Dire Crocodile, Dread wolves, Dust King and Crypt, Ettin, Flying Rocky, Ghosts of the Drowned Nymph, Ghouls (2) and Ghast, Graveflesh Servants, Grave Minions, Gravestone of Protection, Gravestone of Sorrow, Gravewailer, Graveyard Column, Graveyard Entryway, Graveyard Finial:Mystic, Graveyard Finial: Orbs, Graveyard Finial: Skulls, Graveyard Statue, Griffon, Gutrags, Stitch golem, Hangman’s Gibbet, Harrowgate Shrines, Innkeeper Sophie, Jahenna, Khanag the Slayer, Killer Apes, Knight Heroes, Knights of the Realm, LesserStitch Golems, Lowland Owlbear, Minitaurs, Merowyn Lightstar, Mummy Sandkings, Nimbar, Pig and Cart, Sacrificial Alter, Sarcophagus, Scheming Rocky, Shades of the Drowned Nymph, Shadoweyes, Catfolk Rogue, Shardis, Skeletal Chimera, Skeletal Owlbear, Small world Almaran, Small World Arnise, Small World Monique, Small World Sophie, Talnyth, Townsfolk 1, Townsfolk 2, Townsfolk 3, Vampire Bloodlords, Werearmadillo, Willow Greenivy, Witch, Wraith Lord and Bodyguard, Wyvern, Female Minotaur, Small World Lysette, Brazier Pillar tops, Gargoyle pillar tops, Profane Alter and Books, Small World Galladon, Lost Souls, Sealed Sarcophagus, Brom the Barbarian (metal), Fire Dragon, D’Vandra Luk, Callie, Female Rogue w/Bow (metal), Tinley, Female Wizard (metal), Kyra & Lavarath, Corim, Gnome Sorcerer, Arkus Harn, Dwarf Witch Hunter, Jewels & Crossbone, Skipper & Scuttle, Captain Blackscale, Dragonfolk, Drunken Mermaid, Zombie Pirates, Ingrid, Female Gnome, Tub, Dwarf Baker, Nub, Dwarf Sausage Maker, Chop and Grubb, Halfling Cooks, Mangu Timur, Skeletal Archer, Alaedril Starbloom, Hackle Blackhook, Fillyjonk, Gingerbread Knight, Pirate Mousling, Hajad, Gisele, Anirion, Build a Pirate, Orc Marauder, Champion of Maersuluth, Captain Barty Redd, Hawthorne Krabbe and Poppets, Stumpy Dan McGinty and Grog hog, Berg Ironthorn, punkin’ Headed Bugbear


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