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Ankheg, Banderhobb, Basilisk & Grell (D&D), Behir, Beholder (D&D) W4, Beholder Zombie, Black Puddin, Blink Dog (D&D) W1, Blue Slaad (D&D), Bodaks, Bone Golem, Bone Naga, Bulette (D&D) W9, Bullywug, Carrion Crawler W7, Centaur (D&D) W4, Clay Golem, Cloaker, Death Dog (D&D), Displacer Beast (D&D) W1, Diving Griffon, Doppelganger (D&D), Doppelgangers (PF) W7, Drider, Familiars W4, Familiars (D&D) W1, Eidolon Possessed Sacred Statue, Familiars (PF) W1, Flesh Golem (D&D) W6, Flumph, Flying Ray (PF) W6, Froghemoth, Gargoyles (D&D) W1, Gazer & Spectator W9, Gelatinous Cube (D&D) W6, Genie Efreeti (PF) W9, Giant Constrictor Snake, Giant Scorpion, Giant Spider & Egg Clutch, Goristro, Gorgon, Green Hag & Night Hag (D&D) W6, Grick & Grick Alpha, Griffon (D&D) W1, Green Slaad (D&D), Gray Slaad & Death Slaad (D&D) W5, Harpy & Arakocra (D&D), Hook Horror, Hydra (PF), Iron Golem, Leucrotta, Manticore, Mastif & Shadow Mastif, Medusas (D&D) W4, Mimics (D&D) W4, Mind Flayers (D&D) W1, Minotaur (D&D) W2, Monodrone & Duodrone (D&D) W6, Myconid Adults (D&D) W6, Nameless One (D&D) W6, Owlbear (D&D) W5, Pseudodragon & Sprite W9, Purple Worm, Remorhaz, Adult W6, Roper, Rust Monster (D&D) W5, Shambling Mound (D&D) W6, Stone Golem (D&D), Treant W7, Triceratops, Umber Hulk (D&D) W4, Unicorn (PF) W1, Wyvern W9, Xorn (D&D) W5, Juvenile Kraken, Red Slaad, Otyugh, Cosmos Serpent, Frost Salamander, Dire Troll, Cosmos Wolf, Young Remorhaz, Aboleth, Iron Cobra & Iron Defender, Giant Centipede, Brain Collector, abominable yeti, chimera, giant dragonfly, crag cat


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