Critical Role


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Mighty nein, Monsters of Wildmount 1, Monsters of Wildmount 2, Factions of Wildmount 1, Factions of Wildmount 2, Factions of Wildmount 3, Udaak, Aeorian Nullifier, Shallowpriest, Core Spawn Emissary & Seer, Husk Zombies, Gloomstalker, Core Spawn Crawlers, Aeorian Reverser, Swabain Basilisk, Ravenite Half Dragon Barbarian, Human Dwendalian Empire Fighter, Lotusden Halfling Ranger, Human Graviturgy and Chronurgy Wizards, Dwarf Dwendalian Empire Fighter, Half-Elf Echo Knight and Echo, Bugbear Fighter, Human Clovis Concord Cleric, Goblin Sorcerer and Rogue, Half-Elf Xhorhas Paladin, Hollow One Rogue and Sorcerer, Hobgoblin Wizard and Druid, Pallid Elf Rogue and Bard, npcs of tal’dori 1, monsters of tal’dorei 2, characters of tal’dorei, monsters of tal’ dorei 1, npcs of exandria 1, dieter, ember roc


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