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Assistant & Torture Cross W6, Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice, Bandits (D&D) W8, Bandits W4, Bartender/Dancing Girl (PF) W4, Children (PF) W4, Coralhelm Commander & Halimar Wavewatch, Darkling Elder & Darklings (D&D), Drow (D&D) W4, Drow Mage & Drow Priestess, Evil Wizards (PF) W2, Executioner & Chopping Block W6, Female Knights/Grey Maidens (PF) W6, Goblin Guide & Goblin Bushwacker, Guards, Infantrymen (PF) W4, Joraga Warcaller & Joraga Treespeaker, Knight on Horse (PF) W5, Lizardfolk & Lizardfolk Shaman, Merchant/Serving Girl (PF) W3, Multiclass Cleric + Wizard, Multiclass Fighter + Wizard, Multiclass Warlock + Sorcerer, Necromancers, Orc Adventures, Pirates W4, Sahuagin, Satyr & Dryad, Sea Hag & Bheur Hag, Stoneforge Mystic & Kor Hookmaster, Town Guards (PF) W4, Townspeople (PF), Vampire Hunters (D&D) W8, Shapeshifters, boggles, red caps, myconid sovereign and sprouts, ice troll


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