Monster Humanoid


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Alhoon & Intellect Devourer, Arcanaloth & Ultroloth, Borborygmos, Bugbears (D&D) W1, Bugbears (PF) W2, Drider, Dullahan (Headless Horsemen), Ettin, Githyanki (D&D) W4, Githzerai (D&D) W5, Gnoll & Gnoll Flesh Gnawer, Gnolls (D&D) W1, Gnolls (PF) W3, Goblins & Goblin Boss, Goblins (D&D) W1, Goblins (PF) W1, Hobgoblin (D&D) W8, Hobgoblin (PF), Isperia, Law Incarnate, Kobold (D&D) W1, Kobold Inventor, Dragonshield & Sorcerer, Marilith, Minotaur Labyrinth Guardian, Nalfshnee, Ogre, Orc on Dire Wolf (PF) W7, Orcs (PF) W8, Raging Trolls, Rakdos, Lord of Riots, Thri-Kreen W5, Troll (D&D) W1, Yuan-Ti Malisons W4, Yuan-Ti Purebloods (D&D) W9, Venom Troll, Scarecrow & Stone Cursed, Nymph & Dryad, Jackelwere & Jackel, Koalinths, Night Hag & Dusk Hag, Kuo-Toa & Kuo-Toa Whip, Annis Hag & Green Hag, Marid, Yuan-ti Anathema, Annis Hag, Blights, Korreds, Ogre, cyclops


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