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Beholder Zombie, Death Knight/Helmed Horror (D&D) W6, Ghouls (D&D) W1, Ghouls (PF) W7, Grim Reaper W8, Lich & Mummy Lord (D&D), Liches (PF) W6, Obzedat Ghost Council, Ogre Zombie, Revenant, Skeletons (D&D) W1, Skeleton Knight on Horse W5, Vampires (D&D) W1, Vampire Lacerator & Vampire Hexmage, Wight & Ghast (D&D), Wraith & Specter W3, Zombie (D&D) W1, Ghost & Banshee, Drowned Assassin & Drowned Ascetic, Crawling Claws, Allip & Deathlock, Gnoll Witherling, Death Tyrant, Boneclaw, Nightwalker, Ghouls, zombie hulk, tomb tapper, frost giant skeleton, mouth of grolantor, skeletal horse, zombie brute


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